*This spells out the definition of miscellaneous phrases you may not be aware of, because I made them up. I figured it would be a good idea. The idea itself was inspired by The Epic, the Awesome, and the Random. If you've never heard of this blog, I recommend checking it out - Annie is awesome. It's NOT an exact replica of hers; she actually has her glossary under a "Random" page, and features different words/phrases.*

Catch my spark (v.): to inspire me. Usually used to refer to books. It's the difference between "I loved it!" and "THAT WAS FREAKING EPIC!"
Ex. Harry Potter really caught my spark.

Lily-licker (n.): a person who is morbid or perhaps unlikeable. (Not that morbid people are unlikeable; in fact, I'm pretty morbid myself.) This is an insult. Usually used on people I dislike, as in: "They must have a death wish if they dare say such a thing to me."
Ex. The main character of my novel is convinced the antagonist is a lily-licker; I mean, how dare he kidnap her sister?

Outside of my boots (adj.): [insert person] is insensitive. Usually used on people I know in real life, though occasionally I might use it to refer to an internet article.
Ex. My sister can really be outside of my boots sometimes.

Ritchity (adj.): grouchy, cranky. Usually used on me - sometimes I'll say it at the beginning of the blog post, but usually you might infer it from the tone of my post.
Ex. I apologize for being so ritchity today, but in fairness my sister and I got in a fight.

Shallow end of the popularity pool (adj.): the super-popular. Usually used to refer to books, but occasionally what society finds acceptable in general, i.e. tight clothing, swearing, etc. This phrase refers to the fact that popular things seem shallow to me, not that "shallow" means fewer people.
Ex. Twilight belongs in the shallow end of the popularity pool.

Spiff (n.): a short writing piece; a scene, short story, something along those lines. They are something that I just jotted down off the top of my head. Sometimes, they are full-length scenes, and sometimes they're a fragment of a scene. Not meant for publication, just for your and my amusement.
Ex. That little spiff was brought to you by creative writing class.