When I review books, it's for my own amusement. I do not accept e-books (I don't even own any digital reading device), I do not accept ARCS, or anything else.

I review books that I've purchased myself, or that I've recieved as a gift from a friend/family member. They will not all be books published this year: I review books published anytime. Most reviewed books will be paperbacks or hardcovers - real books, that I hold in my hands. No e-books. I cannot stress that enough.

My book reviews are for books that I've read and I feel don't get a lot of attention, whether because it was published a long time ago or some other reason. I don't accept ARCs or giveaways or other stuff because I am uncomfortable with giving out too much personal information, and usually because I just plain don't want to. I don't mean to sound harsh, but I decide what to review, and I usually care for obscure, fantasy/adventure/realistic fiction that I've purchased myself.

Here's a picture to end this page on a positive note: