Rating System

The rating system goes as according to me:

I'd rather eat dirt. (Poor)

It wasn't all bad. I think. (Fair)

It was bearable. (Okay)

I loved it. (Excellent)

That. Was. Amazing. (Superior)

The words in parentheses are based off of a rating system I semi-remember being part of chorus competitions. At least, when I was in chorus during middle school and freshman year of high school, they used a series of numbers (1-5) and the word in parentheses (with the possible exception of "okay") to describe the performances. Actually, the words could just as easily been made up by my teachers to explain the rating system, but I think I remember seeing the "excellent" and "superior" on old chorus trophies.

(To put that confusing explanation into perspective, I am entering my junior year of high school. We did some performances at other schools in competitions I do not remember the names of, and we almost always got "superior" or "excellent". Therefore, I do not know if "okay" is an actual rating, but I need a word for 3, and that was what I thought of. On the various trophies in my chorus classroom, I sort of remember seeing the word instead of the number, which would make sense. A number on a trophy wouldn't make much sense unless you knew the rating system.)