Wednesday, January 30, 2013

On My Mind (and its Contents)

What have I been thinking?
  • I have not posted on a Wednesday in awhile.
  • I should join Twitter. I've never actually seen its homepage, but it couldn't be that difficult to navigate....
  • I really don't want to continue writing the second draft of my novel. The first draft was hard enough.
  • I should really continue writing my second draft. Halfway through it already, right?
  • I want it to be Friday already. Or, even better, Saturday.
  • Ooh, aluminum foil! Shiny.
  • I should look into agents and the publishing industry more. I should also look into colleges.
  • Wow, what possessed me to think of trying 4 AP classes next year? Isn't senior year a time to slacken off a little?
  • Ugh. I have a math test tomorrow. And chemistry. (Because just chemistry class is enough to make me dread odd days.)
  • Rorshach inkblot test!
  • The weather needs to make up its mind. Last Friday, it was snowing. Today, it was almost 80 degrees outside. (Farenheit, thankfully. If it had been 80 degrees celsius, I would have melted.) 
  • Vault of Souls. The Sunset Decades. Or the Sunset Century. Those sound like cool titles. Not strictly relevant to my novel, but I can always write another novel that does fit. In fact... *Plots dastardly conflict*

My mind doesn't stick to one topic. As you can see. This post is mainly here because I felt I was blog-slacking. I haven't posted anything but book reviews and Follow Fridays. Gotta step up my game, man.

Anyways, I'll try to find something worth writing about on Wednesdays. Any suggestions on what you want me to write about?

Ooh! A poll in the sidebar, asking for what you want. Seriously, I'm writing stuff off the top of my head without any clue as to whether you actually care about my random bletherings. Please vote on what you'd like to see more of. (Within reason. I am a stay-at-home teenager.)

Anyways... I've already run out of things to say. Gracious wisdom ...*grumble*fakeswear*... -- please vote. Have a blessed weekend I mean, Wednesday!


  1. Hi Danielle!
    Yeah, I've got an AP European History test, a math quiz and a literature quiz tomorrow. School-work has been hindering my blogging. Also, you don't HAVE to join Twitter. I only did to follow Tom Hiddleston, and I don't really use other than that. Also, happy 2nd draft writing! It'll be easier now that you have the first one down!
    And 4 APs Senior Year! Danielle! It IS supposed to be a time to slack. Usually that's Junior year stuff, right? Plus I've heard it's not good to do that since university applications are due soon after junior year? I honestly have no idea, but I do hope you have fun in those classes! AP classes are so much more enriching and I've enjoyed the ones I've taken!
    The weather has been tipsy turvy! It's been raining for so many weeks now, and today there was a tornado drill in my area. I love this weather: it's novel-writing weather. However, thanks to my teachers, I've got way too much homework to even think about writing!

    As for writing on a writing exercise, you could attempt writing a story in a paragraph? Asking for prompts to write short excerpts? Or post about music, songs you've listened to that inspires you! Anything is fine :D

    I'm off to take that poll on your sidebar :D

  2. Don't worry: random bletherings are absolutely OK with me! What else are we supposed to blog about?

    What? Some people post things of actual importance?

    How strange that must feel. I must remember to try it sometime ...

    Ahem. Excuse me. You. Yeah, you. You wrote a NOVEL. Let's all just back up and go over that again: you. wrote. a. novel. *applauds* THAT IS AN ACHIEVEMENT, SISTER! So, to the plan! Basically, it involves you swaggering late into class tomorrow and announcing loudly, "Oh, sorry, I just though I'd better tell you that I won't be doing any tests today; I wrote a novel, you see. Toodlepip." And then you leave with a yawn and a wiggling of your fingers. Sounds good? I think it's perfectly reasonable. Let me know how it goes.

  3. I awarded you! :)