Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mood: Aggravated

Here's a list of things that aggravate me:

1. The length of my to-do list. Seriously, I made one and had to cut off at least half of it so it would fit on the page.

2. Swear words/overt slang. I hear them every day at school, and I hate hearing such a disrespect to Language in General. (aka corrupting the English language).

3. How little time I seem to have to watch TV, despite the fact that I don't so much more than go to school, come home, read, and write. I don't do extracurricular activities or hang with friends, and there's still no time.

4. That I also can't manage to remember to do chores. Until the laundry's piled so high, it almost touches the ceiling.

Yea, this is a quick post on random things going on in my brain right now. Lovely, ain't it? Not really.

I'll try to post more next Wednesday. It's been a weird week for me -- on the one hand, I got my learner's permit! On the other, I scared stiff at the thought of driving! (I feel absolutely no yearning for a driver's license; I just realize I can't get to the library on my own without one.)

Also, I have a test tomorrow and Friday that I have to study for. And homework that I should have done over Spring Break. And I have to hope to mercy that I didn't miss anything too important in chemistry class and math class. Yikes.

So, have a blessed Wednesday! Keep calm and carry on, as they say. (Or did; I believe that was a WW2 propaganda message, posted in train stations to keep people from freaking out.)   

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