Friday, May 10, 2013

Follow Friday #44

[This post will be kinda short because I'm a bit worded out. I took my AP Language and Composition exam this morning. Three essays in two hours, and 55 multiple choice in one.]

Follow Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Alison Can Read and Parajunkee.

Q: Happy Mother's Day! Who is your favorite mom from fiction?

Gracious-wisdom... umm, let me think....

I thought Mrs. Jackson from the Percy Jackson series was pretty cool. I mean, she had to be, right? Mrs. Fowl from Artemis Fowl -- she actually showed up a bit more than Artemis Senior (the father). A strong woman who knew about her son's involvement with fairies books before Mr. Fowl.

And, of course, Mrs. Weasley. I can already tell she's probably a popular answer -- everyone loves Harry Potter, but Mrs. Weasley is the mother everyone loves.

How about you? Who are some of your favorite literary mothers? Have a blessed weekend!



  1. Ms. Weasley is a good one!

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  3. I want to read Artemis Fowl! Once it first came out I tried but it got confusing for me, but I would love to get back into it.

    Julianna Smith

  4. Great answers! I only remembered Percy's mom after someone else mentioned her xD

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  5. I haven't heard of Artemis Fowl, but the other two are great picks!

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