Wednesday, May 8, 2013

On My Mind

Here's what is on my (cluttered) mind right now:

  1. I have a ton of AP History homework to do. And that's US History -- you know, the boring kind. Elections, the vaguest details you can manage while focusing on the least important stuff. I don't care if you list what the Presidents look like; just describe their reign term better.*
  2. I have an AP Language exam on Friday. Three essays, 55 multiple choice in about four hours. Yay. :(
  3. I'm currently reading The Ring of Five by Eoin McNamee. The author's Irish. Have I mentioned before how awesome I think Irish people are? Because, really truly, they are.
  4. I love butterflies so, so much.
  5. Why do I write in complete sentences? This is supposed to be a flow of my thoughts onto a blog post, but it's still written in full, (mostly) correct sentences.
  6. Tomorrow I have honors math. Meh. My teacher feels the need to teach us calculus, even though it's actually a trig class.
  7. Man, I listen to some good music. I feel kinda dramatic and awesome right now. :)
  8. Heh heh. Dragons...
  9. Should I write a story about dragons? It'd be pretty cool, just add a little characterization, a bit of plot... Hold up. Must stay focused on current manuscript.
  10. Ooh, manuscript. Such an intimidating name for such a mess. I prefer calling it "the story", which refers to everything I write except poetry. You know, like, "I'm working on my story. My story's not ready yet. My story needs so much work, I want to cry about it."

That, my friends, looks like a pretty sad list. Apparently, most of my thoughts are currently consumed with schoolwork and writing. Really, school is like, the only time I leave my house. Well, that's not true. There's an event at my local library I want to attend this Saturday. I won't turn into a vampire any time soon.

(Ooh, I could totally write a story about a vampire. How can I twist that definition into something worth writing abou -- .... I mean, I totally have work to do. You know, on my current manuscript.)

Anyways, how about you? What's on your mind?

Have a blessed Wednesday!

*My textbook really does describe the presidents' physical appearances. I'm serious. Just this list of eye color, hair color, age, sometimes even body type. Also their personality, in straight-out terms of traits: oh, they're bold. They're weak. This man relies too much on his advisors. Such awful technique, but then again, I deal with fiction.
They seem to want to turn it to fiction, though; trying to make it as interesting as possible for us teenage youngsters, I guess. I'm still mad at it about calling John Quincy Adams a pimp some 500 pages and a few homework assignments ago.
Sorry for that rant on textbooks, but I seriously hate homework from that thing.

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