Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Musings

It's Monday again! The exclamation point seems so perky on such a day. it's so hard to drag yourself out of bed on Monday mornings to go to school. >.<

Anyways, I am posting a short story to satisfy my Monday requirements. I do this not because I am feeling creative, but because I have nothing planned and my mind draws a blank. So...


She watched the other girl enviously, all too aware of the fact that Dell was prettier and richer than she ever would be. The more Lila dwelled on the injustice, the more her stomach hurt.
"Lily Lila!" a group of boys chuckled as they passed. Lila scowled back at them. She hated that nickname. It wasn't her fault her skin was white, and it made no imprint on her personality. She wasn't weak just because of her skin color.
Dell looked around in surprise, as if she hadn't noticed Lila was there. Her beautiful brown skin glowed in the light of the setting sun; her innocent hazel eyes sparkled, as if at some hidden joke.
"Oh, you're Lily, right?" she asked, beaming. Lila looked coldly at this beautiful girl.
"My name is Lila," she growled in response. "I'd prefer you not insult me."
Dell seemed to realize her mistake. "Oh, of course. I am so sorry. I didn't mean to offend. I didn't realize-" she broke off awkwardly and shifted a strand of dark hair behind her ear.
"You don't have to worry," Lila answered. Her voice sounded stiff. "I'll build the eco-city. All you have to do is write the short story. Shouldn't be too difficult, I presume?"
"Of course not," Dell said. She stared at the ground with a frown.
Lila turned without a goodbye and made her way further down the trail. Around her was nothing but wide open space, until the ground sloped gently downward to a copse of trees. She headed to this small refuge, seeking its comfort, and most of all its end.
Within the trees, birds chattered and small animals rustled through undergrowth. The watery sunlight made the shadows seem more enticing, as if the brief glare of light every now and then wore down the spirit. Lila closed her eyes and leaned against a thick oak tree.
Stop it, I shout. You're hurting me. My voice wavers on each syllable, but he doesn't stop. The tears won't stop pouring down my cheeks. The knife pierces my skin above the collarbone. He laughs.
Lila forced open her eyes and blinked slowly to shut out the pain. It wasn't her fault. It wasn't her weakness that caused him to do such a thing, only his own twisted heart.
She continued down the trail as it narrowed to a mere rabbit path. Rocks started puhsing through the ground, seeking air after the suffocating pressure of belowground. She pushed through the clingy underbrush and the gray rocks until finally, she reaches the forest's end.
She sat on the rocky precipice that was her one real sanctuary. It was a like a balcony over the terrible beauty of the rocky, steep descent. Below, she heard the river, garbling its own song.
Brother presses deeper, his eyes glowing with that mad happiness he seems to get when he hurts people. I will never forget that look.
Lila peered over the edge of the precipice to the ground far below. She wondered how long she'd be in the air if she jumped. Would it be three, four seconds before she hit the slope? The one thing she knew for certain was that she'd be dead long before her body reached the water.
She stood up and slid one foot forward until half of her foot was hanging over the edge. Exhileration, almost excitement, welled up inside her. No more memories; no more weakness.
"Hi, Lila," a soft voice said. She didn't turn around; she knew the voice belonged to Dell.
"Yes?" Lila sighed angrily, but Dell approached anyways. Her glittery pink blouse was almost painful in the fading sunlight. Lila gritted her teeth and pulled her foot back onto solid ground.
"I just thought you wanted to know... that I..." she faltered when she saw the drab white girl's scowl, but continued on. "I think you're strong. You're hurting inside, and I think it takes a strong person to hold it away from people." She ducked her head. For a moment, Lila couldn't think of anything.
"Why do you say that? I'm Lily Lila," she said at last. Dell frowned.
"I think your skin is really pretty. And it's silly to think that you're as delicate as a lily simply because of your skin color. Every time I hear those idiots call you that, I wish you could see the truth."
"You don't understand how hard it is," Lila said. "The only meal I get is at school, and they ruin it. The only joy in my day is learning, and they make me want to run away from the only place I can learn." She sat down on the ground. Perhaps it was that she wanted someone to hear her words before no one could; maybe she was too tired to hold them in. But she wanted to tell this kind, pretty, ignorant little girl how much life hurt.
"I want to help," Dell said, and sat down beside her. "I can give your family some food, some old clothing..."
"My family doesn't accept charity," Lila said flatly. Even when she was about to end everything, she couldn't help holding the bitterness inside.
"Then I can offer a job," Dell answered. "I can offer room and board. But I think you need to let go. You've been strong too long."
"I am going to." Lila looked over the edge again. But she wasn't so sure anymore. Is a better life better than no life at all?
"I want you to be my sister," Dell said. "I've always wanted someone strong and beautuful as a sister, and you fit that description nicely."
"Because you are real," she answered smiply. "What do you say?"
Lila thought for a moment, biting her lip. Finally, she said, "Thank you." And she took Dell's hand. In that quiet moment of acceptance, Lila realized she had her first true friend.


I hope you enjoyed it: it's not the best, but I like it. Have a blessed day.

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