Friday, September 7, 2012

Follow Friday #14

Follow Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Alison Can Read and Parajunkee. This week's question is...

Q: What are you reading right now? How do you like it?

I am reading Stoneheart by Charlie Fletcher. It's about the statues of London at war with each other. *Meep!* I am liking it so far. You can expect a review on Monday.

My goodness, this was short. I think I'll post a haiku I wrote earlier today in Creative Writing.

A candle flame burns
wishing to be a bonfire
But content for now.

Have a lovely, blessed Friday! Keep reading/writing/staring at the wall this weekend!


  1. The Statues of London at war??? Oh my! Sounds AMAZING!

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  2. I've heard alot of great things about this book! New GFC follower!

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  5. Statues fighting? That sounds interesting!

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  6. New follower here... you know, I've actually had this book on my shelf for years, just never been in the mood for it... so I can't wait to see your review of it.