Sunday, September 16, 2012

On Updates and Inspiration

This is just a friendly post, from me (obviously). And again, thank y'all for letting me reach 100 followers! I am quite happy right now.

I've posted a glossary page, so if you don't understand a phrase I use, check there. If it's not there, comment on the post (whichever one I use it in) and I'll add it. You can now follow by email, if you don't have blogger (i.e. you have wordpress or livewritethrive or something else). Also, I put some cute little fish to the side there, because I am like that. But, moving on.

I just came back from Sunday School (which my mother teaches), and I am already feeling better. There's nothing quite like comparing your troubles to Job* to make you feel lucky.

My computer is acting a little wonky today, so this will be short. I can't promise sweet. I'll spend the rest of today doing homework, writing, and listening to Christian music, because Sunday School inspires me that much.

This post isn't meant to advertise my religion, I swear. It leads up to my point.

I've felt out of luck and inspiration for awhile now, and though I have plenty of interest and motive in my writing, I haven't felt motivated or interested to DO it. Putting things in practice tends to be harder than thinking about them.

It took a reminder of Job's sufferings to stoke the ashes of my interest into a fire again. It gave me a serious metaphorical talking-to: Danielle, you need to write this poor girl's story. She needs a chance to be alive, even if you are the only person to read the manuscript.

Well, somewhat. Danielle's my middle name, so obviously the lesson referred to me by my first. But I like keeping online and offline seperate, and it's irrelevant to the world for now.

But what I mean to say is, I've found my inspiration. I found it through my religion. What do you find yours through?

I pinned up the psalm above to my bedroom wall, and will try and print out a few verses from Job to help keep my candle-flame of passion from becoming ashes again.

You may find yours through sports, family, friends, future-readers, whatever. You may find yours through religion like me, or through more earthly, grounded matters. Whatever it is, I dare you to pull something out to remind you of my lesson: writing is hard, but it's worth it.

I dare you to remind yourself every day, to keep you on track and lucky.

*Job was a rich, happy, dutiful man in the Old Testament. God decides to test his faith by taking everything he owns: his children die, his servants and animals are killed by invaders, he himself becomes covered in boils, all in the space of hours or days. But no matter what, Job never blames God, and God rewards him with twice the animals and servants; another eleven children; and Job lives to be 140 years old. Happy ending.

Have a blessed Sunday and enjoy your week! I have a book review tomorrow and Follow Friday on Friday. I don't know about Wednesday.  

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