Wednesday, October 24, 2012

In Which I Update and Advise

Gah! Running behind on everything. Just schoolwork, homework, schoolwork.

I get so little sleep from all this. I stay up for hours, sometimes the entire night, thinking about what I forgot to do here but it's too late to actually do it now. About what I need to do the next day, or what projects are due what date, or what my grades are in one class and how I can bring it up from a D to a B.

This is a rambling way of telling you I didn't plan a post for today. But it's also implied advice.

Sometimes worry makes you suffer. Your creativity, your sleeping, the amount of time you spend writing. School teaches you that you need to be productive in everything you do, every minute of the day, using your time wisely.

Personally, I spend more time trying to be productive in that way than I do actually being productive. Let me explain: I worry about my productivity, and I lose sleep over it. When I lose sleep, my productivity level drops because when I don't sleep, my attention span suffers. Then I worry even more because my productivity level has dropped.

The boatload of homework doesn't really help, either. It's fine that your teacher gives you an hour of homework; but then, you're taking seven classes, and when all teachers give you an hour of homework, you cry and do your best to finsih each in half an hour so you have time to sleep.

There are a couple things I suggest:

1. Try to find something you like. In EVERY subject, every place. That's what your teachers want, right? It makes working on that stuff a lot easier. That's what your boss wants, right? Loving your job means you're more efficient. That's what you want, right? You're so much more likely do get what you need done when you like it.

2. There is so much stuff in the world sometimes that #1 is impossible. Forcing yourself to do so makes an hour-long project drag into three hours. I know this from when I was little and my mom told me to clean my room. So, perhaps you should simply schedule a time to do it, and schedule a little time for infrequent breaks. Take a walk or make tea or something.

3. Sometimes, I find that forcing myself is the only solution. You can't like everything, and let's face it: life tends to throw something unexpected at you to ruin your lovely little schedule. So, sit down and coax it out as painlessly as possible. Bottle of water (or cup of coffee or tea) and some music on, and just focus for short bursts of time. Force the right words or planning or actions out. I still recommend breaks.

4. Don't stress out over it. I find that sometimes you need to remind yourself that this is doable. "This is easy, I know this. It's simple and totally, 100% possible." This really helps if you're a student and you're learning something new. Something that doesn't fit in your brain right, even if your (*cough math cough*) teacher lectures on it for an hour and a half.  Your brain is tricked into thinking it really does know this, and makes it easier to grasp in reality.

I hope you (and I) get something out of these four little tips. It may or may not work - #4 helps me pass math pretty much every school year, but no matter how hard I try, I cannot find anything to like about it to save my miserable hide.

What do you think? Do you lose sleep over this ingrained school maxim? Do you find yourself itching to work and feeling guilty about any break? Have you tried any of these tips?

Have a blessed... night! (Sorry this is such a late post.) So, have a blessed tomorrow!   

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