Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Another On My Mind

I know, I know, I've written update after update. Internet's still acting up a little; but it should work better in the next couple days.

In the meantime, this is what has been on my mind lately:

  • Our report cards have come out, and since I'm a junior, it includes my GPA and class rank -- my GPA is just shy of a 4.0! I'm really happy. I worked hard for those Cs, Bs, and As.
  • I have an AP American History test tomorrow. Meh. :(
  • I also have a vocabulary test in AP language. :(
  • Tomorrow is Vanlentine's Day, so Happy Valentine's Day, people who celebrate it! I don't. So, really, I just hope one of my teachers does and they give me candy.
  • I've been waist deep in AP History homework. Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson, oh my!
  • My writings are wandering and confused. I don't know why I decided to pull griffins into the mix, no matter for how short a time.
  • I really want pizza, for some reason. Or chocolate. But I can't have either, because I have no money.
  • I wrote a play in Creative Writing. What possessed me to write a play about love? It sounds so melodramatic.
  • I'm reading Narnia! Meep! :D I've only read the Magician's Nephew before. Well, really, my mom read me the Magician's Nephew when I was like, eight years old.
  • I keep repeating the lyrics of the Battle Hymn of the Republic in my mind for some reason.

I've reached about 27k words. I told myself I would have 39k words by today, but I got sidetracked on Monday. I was watching the Next Great Baker on... I think it was the Food Network. I've never watched the show, but on Monday I watched like, six straight hours of it and then the finale. Dang, those people are cutthroat. No wonder I was glued to it.

Anyways, I've learned some interesting things about my writing:

For one thing, I make weird, unconscious literary references. Like when my MC calls everyone "little honey", that's actually the name of a baby in a Netherlands fairy tale, called the Cat and the Cradle. I came across that fairy tale again in a book of cat fairy tales, so when I saw the baby's name, I was like, "Weird. That's just like -- oh, wait. I've read this book before. No wonder."

I use the word "I" a lot. Wow. It starts off most sentences; I really need to fix that.

And, also, it feels really list-like. This is the 2nd draft; it feels kinda like the first, where I'm just listing my MC's actions, and her emotions. It only feels alive when I go into extreme detail. Perhaps you can expect a future post about extreme details in the future; though that subject has been pounded to death by the mallets of much more experienced writers than I.*

Anyways, have a blessed Wednesday. And Valentine's Day. :)

*I don't remember what writers. I think I've been reading too many internet articles and not been spending enough time writing.


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  1. That's a lot of literary stuff. Don't worry. Right now I have zero motivation to plough through my next chapter, even though that's how I should be spending today. I think I'll write a blog post and do my homework to clear it out of the way instead. *sigh* Happy Valentine's day, even though you don't celebrate it!