Thursday, February 28, 2013

Music and Myself

Happy last day of the month! The ending of a February, the beginning of a March. It's been a rough February, I'm not gonna lie: and March will probably be worse. But Spring Break is the first week of April! Yay!

Anyways, I don't have much to post about. I'm rewriting my rough draft again. I really need to work on my pacing and detailing; my last draft's topped at 50k words. I feel like my character hates me for this, but I'm also reworking the plot. Again.

I hate that I have an entire world and an entire person, and I cannot seem to write her story because I have no actual plot. Every plot I contrive feels, unsurprisingly, contrived.

But I didn't write this to rant about writing. (Ooh, I love alliteration. =D) I can't really remember why I sat down to write this post, either, so I thought I'd post you some music suggestions, songs I listen to for a certain mood. Like a lot of writers, I like music on while I'm working. Look them up on youtube, if you have a chance. They are generally free of swear words and have deeper meanings than parties! (And I'm not so good with music genres, and I focus more on songs, so it really would do best to actually listen to the songs.)

Welcome to the Masquerade -- Thousand Foot Krutch
Frontline -- Pillar

The Good Left Undone -- Rise Against
Iris -- Goo Goo Dolls

I Dare You To Move -- Switchfoot
It Ends Tonight -- All American Rejects

Boomin' -- Toby Mac
Live It Up -- Group 1 Crew

Odd/Creepy/Crazy/I don't really know what to call this one....
Mordred's Lullaby -- Heather Dale
Better Dig Two -- The Band Perry

Even If It Breaks Your Heart -- Eli Young Band
The Lost Get Found -- Britt Nicole

Wow, I did not realize how much music I listen to. This is the briefest sample of my favorite music; I had to delete two from each section so you wouldn't get freaked out by the length of this blog post. It was kind of cool to go back through my notebook of songs and write some down for you -- I should do this more often. My blog is the Inky Melody, after all.

Anyways, I hope you listen to some of these songs, if you don't know them already. And if you do know them, congratulations! You can listen to them more. If you don't end up liking these songs, that's alright, too.

Have a blessed Thursday! =D

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