Thursday, February 7, 2013

Quick Update

My internet's being really weird. I haven't had proper connection in days. So, this is a short post on updates.

For one thing: I actually joined Twitter. *whew* What a big leap for me. I haven't actually been on it for awhile, because as I said, my inernet's hates me. But I did it. (I'm not a technology sort of person. Or a people person. So, joining Twitter is akin to leaping off a cliff for me.)

Another thing: Since I have no internet, I've been writing! Sort of. I hope to reach 84,000 words of my re-worked second draft by the end of February. This is also feels like a cliff jump.

Thank you for voting on my poll! I will try to write more on Wednesdays. In fact, this was supposed to be on a Wednesday. But my internet didn't work at all yesterday, so I ended up writing 3k words and listening to my radio.

I don't know yet, but I might post the link to my Twitter. And possibly my Tumblr and Pinterest as well, but those contain pictures of randomness, art, cats, Doctor Who, bad word puns, and possible-future-ideas-for-stories.

I currently do not know about Monday's book review. Or tomorrow's Follow Friday for that matter, but for different reasons. Tomorrow, I don't know how my internet will be acting; and Monday, because I've been reading a book of cat fairy tales, and ignoring my usual reading schedule. I can summarize some pretty interesting cat stories on Monday, if it comes down to it.

Lastly, I plan on trying to up my reading-and-commenting-random-blog-posts. I know, I take on a lot at once (84k and blog reading!?) but I hope I'll manage it. And, at worst, I'll try again in March. (Not the writing; at that point, I hoep to simply be editing, not rewriting.)

So, please enjoy this pictureswhile I wish you a blessed Thursday. =D

(this is a picture of my cat, Nala. Ain't she a pretty Siamese?)

1 comment:

  1. Well, if you post your twitter link, Ill follow you!!!

    And GREAT LUCK with your goal of 84000 on your current WIP!!

    Also- hope the internet thing gets figured out soon, so you dont have any more issues with it!!

    -Theresa Jones