Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Quick Update and Apology

Hello! I apologize for my brief, unintended hiatus. It's been schoolwork, headaches, and 2 or 3 Law and Order: SVU marathons.

So, it's Wednesday...

Update on my life: meh. We have spring break the first week of April, so the teachers are ramming information down our throats, especially in the AP classes. Exams are in May, so they all plan on spending the month of April reviewing for it. Which means, they have to get through teaching everything they have to teach before spring break.

Anyways. Enough of schoolwork! Here's a list of songs I love and decided to share with you. Listen, love or hate.

Owl City -- Shooting Star
Krystal Meyers -- Make Some Noise

The Corpse Bride (yes, the movie!) -- Tears to Shed
Britt Nicole -- When She Cries

Linkin Park -- New Divide
Skillet -- Monster

Have a blessed Wednesday and Thursday! Keep Calm and listen to music!

1 comment:

  1. UGHHHH, school work. My teachers all expect me to revise throughout the Easter hols. Huh. (Although I actually probably should revise- SHUT UP, CONSCIENCE!!!)