Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Cleaning and Cleaner Words

Technically, it's spring now!

I say "technically" because it snowed Sunday and Monday. We actually had Monday off as a snow day. But now the weather's all clear and sunny and sort-of warm, like a real spring day. Yea, our weather's unpredictable. Wouldn't have it any other way -- keeps life spicy.

(I don't think that's the proper expression. Maybe it's "It's the spice of life." Oh, well.)

Anyways, I've finally cleaned my room! A little. I actually found my copy of Strunk and White, and a notebook of Quotes-I-Like. Really, I just took the dirty clothes out of my room, cleared off my desk, and organized that one row of my "reference" bookshelf. (Hint: it includes a book I had to read for a Psychology assignment, a book on cat body language, and a book on ghosts of the American South. Haha, "reference", like it's actual research and I actually read them cover to cover.)

I'm even using sunlight instead of my regular lights. Instead of a curtain, I just have a blanket over my window, because my old curtains let in too much moonlight/lamplight at night and I couldn't sleep. I've pinned it back and it's awesome. It reminds me of those days when I was a little kid, sharing a room with my little sister, and I griped at her to save power.

Now that I'm sixteen, I don't use sunlight much. I don't know why. I can't get past how good it feels to see and not run up the power bill at the same time. And to have a desk that doesn't look like it's owned by a messy five year old. And to actually be able to see the floor of my room.

It's not a really popular chore, but I recommend cleaning. Not like, every day, but like once a month or whatever, when the stuff piles really high. That feeling of accomplishment has me bouncing like I've drunk too much sweet tea. Like I've drunk too much of my version of sweet tea, which has way too much sugar in it.

What does this have to do with words? I mean, other than the fact that I'm using words to write this blog post and not just posting random pictures to get my point across.

I started my fourth or fifth draft of my novel. (I can't remember which. Counting is not high on my list of skills, alright?) The words are just flowing. I forget the homework piled up, the end of the nine weeks being two days away and my math grade still too low, and the stress of the AP exams being a month or two away.

The words feel... cleaner now. I don't know. I started writing a new draft because the plot still didn't feel right and I can't change it without changing the ending, so here it is. Apparently, there's a big difference between kidnapping and going along willingly-yet-reluctantly (don't ask). Perhaps because it's a 4th-or-5th draft that's changed dramatically, but it really makes me happy how easy it is as-of-now.

There'll be hard spots later on, of course, especially in the true middle-to-end of the story, but I can't help feeling tickled by the reminder of why I write. For these days, when I can just let it flow from head to hand to keyboard and computer. It reminds me that writing my first novel isn't so impossible as that little voice makes it seem, and that perhaps I will be published one day. Perhaps people will love my work one day, and there's purpose to these words that let themselves out of my head.

I feel like I'm just waxing eloquent now. I mean, I mean it -- I am genuinely smiling for the first time in awhile -- I'm just not sure why I decided to share any of this with you.

Well, there you go. A blog post on my feelings and just how messy my room is. Next week I'll try to actually plan something out for you. (Do you notice how often I use the word "actually"? Is it distracting you? Because I just noticed it and it's kinda distracting me.)

Anyways, happy spring! Have a blessed Wednesday (and Thursday and Friday)!


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