Monday, June 10, 2013

It's Monday! Ugh.

So, I've been reading a series, and I don't really have a book review ready for you. :(

It's the 39 Clues, in case you were wondering. I read the first four a long time ago and now I'm picking it back up again, because putting down a series that I actually like is so frustrating. I couldn't find the fifth and sixth several years ago -- or maybe a couple years ago -- and had to put the books down. But now I found 11 of them at the library! Meep!

But the point is, I don't have a book review. Because Mondays are difficult like that. Well, actually the only thing I've done today is go to school for two hours to take an exam in Hon. Spanish 3, and then I came home and took a nap on my couch. But taking naps are hard work! Especially getting up again, and your head gets all woozy because you just took an hour's nap when really, you only meant to rest your eyes for a minute...

I'm not on track right now. I decided that instead, I'll give you a couple songs I've listened to this week:

Teir Abhaile Riu (Celtic Woman)
This, right here, is an epic song. Some of it's in Irish Gaelic, but it's really pretty and kind fast paced. It's about going to Galway (a city in Ireland) and dancing with sailors.
[Note: Irish sounds really cool even when you don't know what they're saying. Or maybe especially; depending on the setting and context.]

Mama's Broken Heart (Miranda Lambert)
This is a tough-girl song, a country song. It's defiant and snarky. It's about going through a break-up and when your Mama tells you to pull yourself together, even while you're falling apart. (Not that I would know anything about break-ups. But songs like these are good substitutes for missing experience.)

How about you? Got any music you listen to? I'd love to hear it! Have a blessed Monday (if there is any such thing!)

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