Sunday, July 15, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Well, apparently I've been nominated. :D It's for bloggers with 200 followers or less.

The rules (as according to my "tagger" A Bookish Co-Op):
1. Each person must post 11 random facts about themselves.
2. Answer 11 questions the tagger has given you and give 11 questions for the people you tagged.
3. Choose 11 people and them in your post
4. Tell them you've tagged them
5. Remember, no tag backs.

So, here goes. 11 random facts about me:

1. I love Disney, and especially Disney soundtracks. I'm not talking about that new stuff like Austin & Aly (I find it sad that I even know the name). I mean Mulan, The Lion King, Pocahontas, The Little Mermaid... I still listen to "I'll Make a Man Out of You" and "Be Prepared" every day.
2. I love cats, lions, tigers... if they're in the cat family, I love them.
3. I also love history and mythology. Mostly Ancient Egyptian and Greek mythology, though the cultural history of China and India are fascinating as well.
4. I have this extreme aversion to swearing. You may have noticed in my posts, but I absolutely do not use any foul language - the closest I come is "gosh-darn" or other euphemistic terms. I don't care if other people swear - I have no control over what they say, and I wouldn't want control - but I refuse to do it myself.
5. I am a Christian, and proud of it. I am NOT homophobic or narrow-minded, and I will not shove my religion down your throat. But I will tell you that I am proud to believe in and love God. And also, I accept Muslims, Jews, and every other religion on the planet. Even atheists, though I don't think that's a religion: more of a lack of. It's all cool with me.
6. I keep a notebook full of quotes next to my laptop. Whenever I come across a quote that I like (usually on someone's blog or on goodreads), then I write it down.
7. In reality, I am a quiet person. I'm that shy girl who reads way too much. But inside, I am a free spirit: I don't care what people call me, because I am miles away in my own little world.
8. I am asexual. To those who do not know, that means that I have no interest in romantic love, or finding a husband or wife. I don't care if other people enjoy that stuff - if they didn't, I wouldn't have been born, would I? - but I have no interest in intimate contact or having children.
9. I have a thing against eating at restaurants, as well. I'll eat pizza when my parents go and get it from Little Caesar's, and then bring it home - but I don't like actually eating Mcdonald's, or Burger King, or Pizza Hut (etc. etc etc.)
10. I cannot wear really tight clothes. Well, "normal" clothes nowadays. I prefer shirts that are two or three sizes too big (that do not show any of my chest). I wear baggy jeans and scuffed up black tennis shoes. My clothes come from church events (like church camp) or from thrift stores - all except my shoes, my undergarments, and one pair of jeans, all of which come from Wal-mart.
11. I am 16 years old, and I am very anti-social. As I have mentioned, I do not like swearing, intimate contact, and tight clothes, all of which are common among people my age.
I know, I'm an interesting person. ;D Here are the Questions from A Bookish Co-Op:

1) What is your "go-to" YA recommendation when meeting new YA book readers?
It depends on the person. If they're a non-reader like my sister, I'd recommend The Hunger Games. If they're avid readers, I'd try Because I Am Furniture by Thalia Chaltas, or Foundling by D. M. Cornish, or perhaps even Avielle of Rhia by Dia Calhoun.
2) What is your favorite blogging meme?
I only participate in one, and that's Follow Friday, hosted by Alison Can Read and Parajunkee. For ones I don't participate in but like to read Six Word Saturday, hosted by Show My Face, but I follow only one blog who has it - Mademoiselle Le Sphinx.
3) Be honest, does a book cover effect the opinion of the book for you? Don't worry, it happens to the best of us. :D
Sometimes, sometimes not. Some of the ones with the pictures of girls in fancy dresses on the cover I refuse to even pick up, because it practically screams "Romance! This is all about other people's hormones!" If the covers are ugly by my standards, then I'll try not to let it bug me, but if I don't like the story inside, I'll blame the cover. "Oh, I knew this was going to be awful, the cover told me that!" Shameful, I know.
4) Do you have any pets?
Yes. I have several cats (about 8; my mom used to be a cat breeder), as well as a dog named Hailey (who hates everyone except my mom, my two youngest siblings, and me). I also have quite a few fish, if you count them - one saltwater fishtank full of bright fish (and other things), and one freshwater fish tank that holds a small (cough*huge*cough) catfish. We used to have a beta fish too, but the catfish ate him.
5) Where is your favorite spot to read?
On my bed. Preferably with my cats out of the room - only two of them are allowed in my room, Nala and Tenzing, but both are loud Siamese cats. Have you ever tried reading a book when a Siamese cat is begging for your attention?  It's impossible. So, minus the cats, my bed is the softest, most comfortable place to be. Plus the cats, then I'll have to wait to read at church or school or the library.
6) Do you think reading is going the way of the eReader? Do you have an eReader?
I don't like eReaders. I'm not a big fan of technology in general, and it's one of my biggest fears that technology will take over my beloved world of books. I hope there are enough people who love real books that reading won't be consumed by this whole "eReader" trend. And no, I most definitely don't have one.
7) What kind of shampoo do you use?
That's a really personal question, haha. I use the Suave or V05 stuff, which you can find pretty much anywhere for like, a dollar. Hey, at least they smell good and we're saving money for books!
8) Can you rub your tummy and pat your head at the same time?
No. :'( I wish I could.
9) How do you organize your bookshelves?
Mostly by series, or by shape/color of the book. It looks a little disorganized, but I can find everything and that's what counts.
10) If you were stuck on a desert island with 3 book characters, would they be?
That's hard. Just three? Uhh.... Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games - she'd know which plants are safe to eat, and she can hunt. Does Saphira from Eragon count? Because I would love having a dragon to ride on and intimidate the daylights out of all who dare to come near. *evil laugh* The last would be... Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson and the Olympians. She'd build me a nice house to live in while we wait for help. Plus, she'd be more fun to talk to than, say, Percy Jackson.
11) Do you let your food touch or does it have to stay separated?
It has to stay seperated, always. I have weird food habits, I know.
Which leaves me with one last part: my 11 questions.

1. What is your favorite number between one and ten?
2. Do you listen to music while you write? Or if you're not writing, then while you're doing schoolwork, or chores?
3. Vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry, or does it matter for each kind of dessert (say, you like chocolate ice cream better than strawberry, but you prefer vanilla cake over chocolate)?
4. Do you mainly read one genre of book, or do you like to branch out?
5. What is your absolute favorite genre (or two, if it comes down to that)?
6. What is your favorite time of day? What is your favorite time of day to read?
7. Nonfiction or fiction? Why?
8. Of the core subjects (English, Math, Science, or Social Studies), which is your favorite? Why?
9. Do you show your writing to other people easily, or do you prefer to have it perfected as much as possible before you share? Do you think your writing is personal on a deep level, and therefore you tend to keep it to yourself, or do you think that your writing is to be shared with the world, and therefore you'll easily hand it over for friends to read? Again, if you're not much of a writer, than how about your reading material? Will you show people what you're reading, or are you shy about it?
10. Is there a certain type of animal that you love (or are obssessed about)? Is there a certain group of animals (such as cats and tigers and lions, etc. or wolves and dogs and meerkats, etc.)?
11. Do you have any weird eating habits, and if so, what are they?

So now all that's left is my nominees. I'll add them on as I go:

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2. Love Big Read Big
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4. Into the Mystic
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6. Book Haven Extrordinare
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11. With Her Nose Stuck in a Book

I don't know if all these peoples are doing a post for this, I just asked them. I refuse to wait to see if they accept doing this or not. I love the people who do, of course, but I love all those who don't as well! <3

*On an unrelated note, what do you think of the new layout? Personally, I love that header. I've also added a rating system (up there next to "About") and a new background. Is it too pink? Does the header and background match? I've never known that sort of decorative stuff, so help me out. I'd love to know your opinions!


  1. Thanks Danielle for the award! I really like the blog design! I'm a pink lover, so I especially think it looks awesome =)

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog, Danielle! I have not been nominated, but would be honored :) it sounds fun!

  3. Thanks for the nomination, Danielle! I'll work on my post tonight!!

    Tammy @ Into the Mystic

    And I like the pink....