Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday Beginnings

I am nervous. And a procrastinator.

See, I've been working stubbornly on an idea for a long time. I written and rewritten the beginning chapters so many times. Over a dozen documents (both wordpad and Microsoft Word) cluttered up my computer. Most had a couple of sentences written in them, so I recycled them in my handy little Recycle Bin (of all my desktop items, the Recycle Bin is my favorite - it's comforting to know I can delete the messy stuff).

Well, I've decided that I'm going to start on a different idea. A more coherent one, that feels... both newer and brighter. But's not Shiny and New, just new.

Unfortunately, I'm a major procrastinator. I have not started to write. In fact, I meant to write this post yesterday (because I prefer posting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and/or Fridays), but I couldn't make myself. So I posted it today, and halfway through writing it, I took a break and ate a snack, before finishing it. That's so sad.

So, I promised myself that if I finish this post and write at least a first paragraph of my New Idea, that I would reward myself with some quality Myth-research. Because I love mythology. Maybe some Norse or Celtic myths! Yay! But first I have to finish.

So this ends my post-update-procrastination. Onward to Microsoft Word! Have a blessed, writing-filled day. :)

Do you like this flower?! I found it in the public domain (from Google, via Creative Commons). It has nothing to do with anything. I just think it's pretty.

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  1. I'm a procrastinator for fiction writing too. I've had a good idea for months but still haven't started it...

    And also re your comment on my blog post...I hope I get attacked by the Loch ness monster (despite the fact that I won't be in Scotland). As long as I don't get killed, I could get rich from selling my monstrous story!