Friday, August 24, 2012

Follow Friday #12

Follow Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Alison Can Read and Parajunkee. This week's question is...

Q: Worst cover? What is the worst cover of a book you've read and loved?

Umm... this is so hard. I normally won't read it if it has a gross cover (shameful, I know). I didn't like the covers of the newer Artemis Fowl series (actually, I find them hilarious, because it reinforces the fact that I can't think of Artemis in a real-human-being manner, only in that drawn/animated form). Um... I didn't like the cover for Scars by Cheryl Rainfield. I don't know why. Beyond that, I honestly don't have any. I wouldn't say these were the "worst", because there are so many books with bad covers that I hated. I just didn't like them as much as the other covers on the rest of my personal bookshelf.  

My psuedo-answers shall have to do. Please comment and link to your post! I'd love to hear your answers. :)


  1. The new covers ruined my image for Artemis. The old covers were a bit dull but I liked them better.

    Sydney @ Starry Storm

  2. I had the problem of thinking of a "worst" cover.

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  3. I agree with you, I don't really read books if the cover is horrible. Which is why choosing one was kind of hard. It's so bad of me, I know! lol
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  4. I ended up having to just choose books I reviewed this year. Truly can't remember every single book cover to choose a "worst ever" cover of a book I loved. I can't believe that there are so many bad covers. I've seen quite a few truly awful ones on this blog hop.

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  5. I actually like that the Artemis Fowl covers are so colourful. :) I agree about the Scars cover though. Not the best. New follower! :)
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  6. Definitely agree about the artemis fowl covers, but i don't like the new ones either!
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  8. Aww. I like the Artemis Fowl covers! :)

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  9. Hey, your blog is lovely :). Great answer.
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  10. New follower through GFC as Lucyatmax, no pix. My response was the Stephanie Plum series....colorful, but not very appealing. Please visit/follow me at: .
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  11. I haven't seen any of those covers, but I will check them out :)

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  12. The Artemis covers don't stick out in my mind at all, lol

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  13. I haven't read either of these books, but may have to check them out! Thanx for sharing.

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