Monday, August 20, 2012

On Storytellers

I decided to forego the usual Monday book review today, in honor of books, if you can wrap your head around that.

Do you know those books, where they're not just fabulous? The kind of book where you can't really tell if you loved or hated it, but there's no denying it rocked your world a little off its hinges?
Yes, the Bible. Another example of a book that can change your world. :)

(On a completely irrelevant note, what a funny expression. Do metaphorical worlds even have hinges?)

I finished reading the 8th Artemis Fowl book on Saturday, a couple of days ago, and I'm still reeling. I can barely focus on my reading. Maybe it's because I've loved this series since elementary school, and it's finally come to an end. Maybe it was the ending of that book itself. Either way, I feel like it has either opened a door or closed it, and I can't tell which.

Your world can change in the hands of a master storyteller.

My writing dream up until now was to be one of those worn, seemingly-forgotten books on a library shelf somewhere. Not to be rich and famous, but to be cherished. I've added another layer to this dream of mine: to be a master storyteller, where my readers are knocked a little askew.

So, I decided that it wouldn't do to post a review of the last AF book. For one thing, I probably couldn't talk about it yet without spoiling it, and two, I'm still a little shell-shocked. I don't think I could do this book justice. I am suddenly more motivated than I have been since... well, ever. I think it's time for me to start writing like a big girl - no getting distracted.

So, I will be thinking a lot more seriously about the outlining and beginning of my novel, and possibly actually finishing the first draft for the first time. I want my dream of rock-your-world writing to come true. Sometimes it's amazing what a simple book, just another one in the long line of TBR books, can change.


  1. So true!!
    And this is my goal too! To be cherished, and to be an Awesome storyteller!!!

    I havent read the Artemis Fowl book (shocking and disappointing, I know...) But I constantly hear great things about them. Im glad they inspire you!

  2. Great post! So many great things in it I could comment on. I know what you mean about not knowing how you felt about it. If you're still thinking about it, though, the author has done his/her job. It also reminded me of George R.R. Martin, who writes the epic fantasy series, A Song of Fire and Ice. He has a bad habit of creating a character, writing about them for three or more books, getting the reader really invested in them, then suddenly, violently killing them off. Someone at comicon asked him why he loved to kill the characters we (the readers) love. His answer was similar to what you said. He said, (paraphrasing) "I've always wanted to write a book where the reader would be afraid to turn the page." Done and done! I think you are right that sometimes the best people to get people hooked, elicit an emotional response, and be considered a master storyteller is to shock them (in a good way.) Great post. More power to ya! Oh, and in my humble opinion, metaphorical worlds DO have hinges, or anything else you want them to have! Good luck with the new writing endeavors! :D