Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday Writings

I'm so happy, I feel like a puppy! Meep! :D

First off, I finally finished LoTR. There's both a hollowness and a sense of completeness. I'm not completely satisfied with the ending (WHY, Frodo?!) but it's taken me a long time and I've finally put it down.

Second, my copy of Angela Ackerman's and Becca Puglisi's The Emotion Thesaurus just came today:

Taken via laptop-webcam-thingy.

I'm very happy right now. But these aren't what I meant to post about. I meant to post a short spiff, which I shall do in a new post in a couple minutes. But right now I want to revel in my new emotion thesaurus and my finished reading.

Ohmygoodness it lists the emotion, the defintion, body language, mental responses, and internal sensations, and more. Meep! :)
For those who don't know, Miss Ackerman and Miss Puglisi are the bloggers over at THE BOOKSHELF MUSE. It's a wonderful resource for writers. I use it all the time to spark an idea for my writing (on the sidebar, they have lists of emotions, colors, shapes, weather/phenomena... if you close your eyes and pick one, then write a short spiff involving the random thing, it works wonders.)
And this post has officially run out of usefulness. I'm going to happy dance out of your sight for a minute, and then I'm going to post my little spiff.

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