Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday Updates

I have not really planned out a post. I'm going to write a review of Artemis Fowl - I am currently re-reading that series for the umpteenth time, because the eighth and last AF book came out recently. It'll be posted next Monday, which (hopefully) gives me enough time to finish the series. (Eight books in two weeks - well, seven, now that I've finished re-reading the first.)

In other news, I am looking for blog designs and am entering a couple of writing competitions, including AN AWESOME ONE OVER AT VOYAGE. You should go check it out.

Beyond that, there is not much going on in my life. I am writing like crazy for nanowrimo camp, on a story that I am a little dubious about. I am reading AF. I need to (and am procrastinating) start on my summer assignments.

Here is a picture of my cat. Sorry it's blurry - Nala does not make a good model. But she is a pretty kitty, isn't she? :)

Sorry about the lack of writing posts recently. I will try to do another next Wednesday. Have a blessed day and keep writing!

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