Friday, August 31, 2012

On Unrelated Stuffs

So, this post is basically going to be a bunch of links elsewhere, to random but highly awesome places. Whether inspirational, wierd, or just plain interesting, I'm going to post them anyways.

Have you heard about this dad who wears skirts in support of his cross-dressing son?

Does writer's block exist? Before you spout this advice, think.

Posted earlier this month that I just can't stop thinking about, what is the relationship between dreaming and depression?

This article on how much your mind wanders while reading is worth reading.

 Do you know how to write horizontally and vertically?

"Dead Genres" - should you write them if the trend has ended? This post talks about whether you should still write that paranormal romance if it might not sell.

I start school next Tuesday, so I have to make sure these next few days are relaxing and wonderful. As for y'all, have a blessed Friday and many hopeful smiles for your weekend!

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